1. 3 Ways to Use Self Storage During Retirement

    July 21, 2017

    Retirement Storage | Sioux City, IA

    One of the great aspects of self storage is that it can help you through many of life’s changes. If you’re getting ready to retire or move into a smaller home, a self storage unit can help you store extra belongings or mementos. Discover our top reasons to use self storage through your golden years!

    1. Extra Room When Downsizing

    If your children have left home and you and your spouse are empty nesters, it might make sense to downsize your home. Moving into a home for just the two of you can come with a lot of advantages. Your rent or mortgage might be significantly less, there are fewer chores to complete in a smaller house, and your electric bills are lower.

    A smaller home also comes with less square footage for your belongings. Depending on the size of your previous home, you may have a lot of excess furniture that needs to be stored or sold. While selling some old furniture can provide you with a bit of additional cash, storing your extra home furnishings in a secure self storage unit will allow you to pass down valuable or antique pieces to your children.

    Perhaps you would like to help your grown children when they are ready to start their own homes and give them some of your furniture. A self storage unit can give you a convenient place to keep the extra mattresses, dressers, bookshelves, and more for the time being.

    2. Create a Hobby Room

    Retirement is the the perfect time to pick up a hobby or learn a new skill. Staying active and continuously learning is important during this stage of life. Why not create a dedicated room for your hobby in your home? If you have an extra bedroom that used to belong to your now adult child, this a space that can be used to store craft supplies, sewing items, musical instruments, photography equipment, woodworking materials, and much more.

    Perhaps you would like to create a home library or home office with this extra room. A home office can help you to earn part time income during retirement. This home office set up can also assist you in transitioning from the workplace to semi-retirement.

    Store the items that used to be in the new hobby room or home office in a self storage unit for safekeeping and in case you need them in the future. Climate controlled self storage can protect furniture and other delicate items from moisture and heat.

    3. Store Your RV or Trailer

    If it has been your lifelong dream to explore America in an RV, now is your chance! Any adventures or road trips that you have been putting off due to work or other commitments won’t be put off any longer.

    Retirement offers a lot of additional time to travel in a motorhome or tow a comfortable trailer behind your truck. This is the opportunity to experience the country’s natural beauty and visit new places. You might even make it your goal to visit every state in the continental United States and possibly venture into Canada.

    When you aren’t using your RV, trailer, or other vehicle, store it at a safe self storage facility that is near your home. A convenient storage center will allow you to access your vehicle when you want to use it again. Month to month rentals can also give you the flexibility that you need if you plan on using your vehicle for several months out of the year.

    Self Storage for Retirement

    Sioux City’s very own Affordable Storage, off of Southgate Drive, has secure vehicle storage for cars, boats, trucks, SUV’s, trailers, RV’s and more. Climate controlled and standard self storage units are available for residential and commercial use. Ask us about our 30% off the first three month’s rent special!

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