1. 5 Reasons To Use Storage During Spring Cleaning

    March 27, 2017

    Spring Cleaning Storage | Sioux City, IA


    It’s that time again! Spring Cleaning Time! Perhaps you have accumulated more belongings over the holidays, birthdays and past year. This is the season for donating unwanted goods to charity, organizing your home and putting items that you don’t have room for in storage. If you’re in the Sioux City, IA area, a short term storage solution from Affordable Self Storage is a great way to accomplish these common Spring Cleaning goals while protecting your belongings.

    1. Painting Your Home

    Painting the inside of your home can give the room a face lift and can make the space appear bigger. In order to paint a wall from top to bottom, furniture and other items will likely have to be moved out of the way. Leaving belongings in the room that will be painted can put those items at risk of being damaged. There may not be enough space in other rooms in the house to store furniture while a particular room is being painted. A secure self storage facility that is equipped an electronic gate with access code will keep your household items safe during the Spring Cleaning season.

    2. Storing Occasionally Used Items

    When most people think of Spring Cleaning they think of getting rid of unwanted or used belongings that they don’t need anymore. While this is an important part of the organization process, there may be several items that you do want to keep, but there isn’t any room for them. This is where convenient self storage comes in. A self storage location with extensive gate hours is the best way to have flexible access to your belongings just as you would at home.

    3. Remodeling Your Home

    Remodeling your home can cause quite the upheaval, but the results are almost always worth it. A new kitchen with extra storage space or adding another bedroom to your house can turn your current home into your dream home. During this process, entire rooms may be inaccessible for several days or weeks at a time. Putting your kitchen equipment or personal belongings into storage may be the only option during this transition.

    4. Deep Cleaning

    In order to perform an effective deep cleaning of your home, it’s best to remove all furniture and items that are against the wall and covering the baseboards. Dust has a habit of hanging out behind and under sofas and against the corners and ledges of baseboards. Moving furniture, such as couches, into storage can allow you to vacuum underneath and get those clumps of dust.

    5. Rearranging Furniture

    Moving your furniture around can make your bedroom or living room appear more spacious and brighter. Rearranging furniture can be a challenge because of tight hallways, sharp corners and limited room. Putting your dressers, bookshelves, tables and more into storage can give you the room to rotate your furniture around into different rooms. After organizing your home, you can choose whether to leave certain pieces of furniture in storage or place them back in your house.

    Spring Cleaning Storage

    For affordable and convenient storage rentals in Sioux City, IA, turn to Affordable Self Storage in Singing Hills, between Sam’s Club and Walmart. Short term storage, 24 hour access and secure electronic gate with access code are available. Visit us for 30% off the rent for the first three months!

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