1. 5 Ways To Use Storage For Business

    April 17, 2017

    Storage For Businesses - Sioux City, IA


    Most people are familiar with renting self storage as a home organization solution for storing personal items. However, a secure unit can save you time, money and have the added stress that comes with finding another business location and moving all of the company’s belongings to the new office.

    Units are available in a variety of sizes and types to fit your business’ particular requirements. Short term and long term storage allow local companies to adjust the length of their storage rental as their business needs change. Businesses can use storage to store inventory, equipment, company documents, company vehicles and home business items.

    1. Create an Extra Warehouse For Inventory

    Since storage units come in a variety of sizes, some as large as 10’ X 30’, it’s very easy to turn a storage rental into an inventory warehouse. If your business sells delicate clothing, musical instruments, electronics, photography equipment, or other items that are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, storage with climate control will protect your inventory from humidity and heat. Whether you need more room for a small supply of products or the largest unit available for your entire stock, local storage is the affordable warehouse.

    2. Store Additional Equipment

    Depending on your industry, business equipment and technology can change rapidly. Having a go-to place to store excess computers, office furniture, manufacturing tools, business supplies and more will help to keep your office or retail store organized for customers and employees.

    3. Keep Company Files Secure

    It’s inevitable that as a business owner or manager you will accumulate many company documents, employee files and customer paperwork over the years. While having an electronic copy of paperwork is great for ease of access and convenience, it is always smart to have a physical copy of documents in case of technology issues. Files at your office can easily be misplaced when they are among other paperwork. Having multiple file cabinets can take up a large amount of space in your office. Companies may want to keep confidential tax documents at a separate location for security reasons. A secure file storage space is the answer to decluttering your business.

    4. Company Vehicles Are Safe Around the Clock

    While storing company vehicles in your business’ parking lot seems like a logical place to keep them, those valuable parking spaces could be used for customer parking. By storing your business automobiles at a storage facility, they are protected 24 hours a day by an electronic gate with access code and recorded video surveillance.

    5. Home Business Storage

    When you’re a home business owner, it can be challenging to find additional space for your inventory and supplies in your house. Whether you provide professional services or have an online eCommerce store, self storage offers a convenient and affordable solution. Air conditioned storage is excellent for storing craft supplies, fabrics, shiping supplies and other items.

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