1. 6 Vehicle Storage Tips To Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

    August 14, 2017

    Car Storage | Sioux City, IA

    Whether you plan on placing your car, truck, van, SUV, trailer, RV, or boat in storage for one month or several, there are a few steps that you should take to preserve your vehicle before putting it into storage. Performing regular maintenance and taking a few extra precautions will ensure that your vehicle remains in the same condition that you left it in while in storage.

    1. Remove or Unplug the Battery

    Vehicle batteries that are not in use can lose their charge if they are left in the car for extended amounts of time. Disconnecting the car battery or removing it from the vehicle completely will help to preserve it for when you use the vehicle again.

    2. Wash and Wax the Vehicle

    Be sure to deep clean your car before putting it in storage. Wash the outside of the vehicle and apply wax to the body to protect the car’s paint and repel water.

    3. Prevent Pests From Entering the Car

    Thoroughly vacuum the inside of your car before putting it in storage. Removing all traces of food and trash will prevent pests from attempting to enter into your vehicle. Placing moth balls or cedar wood in the cabin of your car can detract pests, as well. Make sure to seal any openings, roll up the windows, and place an old rag in the exhaust pipe of the car so pests can’t enter.

    4. Protect the Vehicle From the Sun

    UV-resistant vehicle covers can protect your car from the Sun’s rays and prevent the paint from chipping and fading. Insects and bird droppings can also damage the car’s shine and luster. The Sun can also fade the dashboard and interior panels if the windshield isn’t covered with a shade. A vehicle cover protects all areas of the car, including the windows, windshield, dashboard, body, paint, and more.

    5. Change the Oil

    Changing your car’s oil and filter is essential maintenance that must be performed regularly to keep your car running properly. Changing the oil will remove contaminants that are found in used engine oil, keep the engine lubricated, and prevent corrosion when the vehicle is in storage.

    6. Fill Up the Gas Tank

    Filling up the gas tank of your vehicle prior to putting it in storage can prevent condensation from building up inside. This moisture can cause issues with your car later on. A fuel stabilizer can also help to prevent this from happening.

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