1. The 3 Most Important Reasons to Use Self Storage While Moving

    June 21, 2017

    Self Storage for Moving

    Summer is one of the busiest and most popular times of the year to move. Whether you’re moving to a new home or apartment within the Sioux City area, to a new city in the state of Iowa, or across the country, self storage can assist you with your move. Keep reading to find out the 4 most important reasons to use self storage during your move.

    1. Ability to Paint Your New Home or Remodel

    Putting your furniture and belongings into storage is an excellent solution for homeowners that want to paint or remodel their new home prior to moving in. If you decided to paint or remodel your home later on, you would have to drastically rearrange your furniture and even have to move your items out of the house anyway. Performing all of your home renovations prior to officially moving in and unpacking is oftentimes the best solution, especially if multiple rooms in the house need remodeling or painting. Homeowners will be especially happy with the way their home looks and will have less stress if they follow this advice.

    2. Take Your Time To Move and Save Money

    Another huge benefit of using a self storage unit while moving is that you can take your time to move into your new home or apartment. Most people don’t want to pay rent or mortgage for the last month that they are living at their old home and the first month’s payment at their new place at the same time. Self storage allows you to save money and not get stuck with paying for two rents or mortgages in the same month. With the average cost of a self storage unit hovering around $100 a month or less, this is a much more affordable option that still gives you the flexibility to move into your new home when it’s best for you.

    3. Reduce Stress with Self Storage for Moving

    By utilizing a self storage unit during your move, you have the ability to move into your new apartment or house as your schedule and time permits. Most folks are very busy with work, their children, and other responsibilities. Having to move from your previous home into your new home in a short period of time to avoid paying extra rent or mortgage payments on your old home can be very stressful, especially if you only have time to pack on the weekends. Moving is already stress-inducing enough without having to worry about additional deadlines. Convenient and flexible self storage for moving is here to help.

    Affordable Storage in Sioux City, IA provides short term storage rentals for business and personal use. Whether you are moving your business or your family, let us help you! We have an extensive assortment of self storage for moving, including climate controlled storage. You’ll receive 30% off each month for your first three months when you rent with Affordable Storage!

  2. 3 Reasons To Use Climate Controlled Storage Over the Summer

    May 16, 2017

    Climate Controlled Storage | Sioux City, IA


    Summer is heating up! If you’re in the market for a self storage rental this summer, consider getting a climate controlled unit. An air conditioned storage unit can not only protect your belongings from the heat, but it will also make you feel more comfortable when you access your storage space.

    1. Keep Cool While Moving In with Climate Controlled Storage

    Moving your belongings into a storage unit be a challenge no matter what season it is. The task can be especially difficult during the peak of the summer heat. The feeling of cool air as you open your unit door can keep you motivated when you have a lot of belongings or heavy furniture and appliances to place into the storage space. Even if you need to access your unit between noon and 3pm, the hottest time of the day, you’ll feel at ease as you retrieve your belongings.

    Most climate controlled self storage units usually have an internal temperature of 55 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Another factor to consider when choosing a self storage unit is just how warm it can get inside a standard storage rental that isn’t air conditioned. Just like a car sitting in the hot sun, the temperature inside the conventional storage unit can be much hotter than what the true temperature is outside. This is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding what kind of storage unit is best for your needs.

    2. Protect Your Items From Heat

    One of the main reasons that business and household tenants love climate controlled storage is because of its unmatched protective qualities. Many types of commonly stored items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, photos, art and more, need the kind of stable environment that air conditioned storage offers. Several of the items listed above are big ticket items that need to be preserved in order for them to last. When you enter your storage unit to pick up your belongings, you want to be sure that the items are in just as good of condition as they would be if they were stored in your own home.

    3. Ward Off Humidity

    Proper insulation and climate control can protect your valuables from moisture, mildew and mold. Artwork, musical instruments, clothing, documents, computers, TV’s and other objects can be deteriorated by humidity. Rust and corrosion can occur on metal filing cabinets, bicycles, tools and equipment if these items are exposed to moisture while in storage. Objects that use glue as part of their construction, such as certain musical instruments and sports equipment, can break down as the glue erodes away. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what type of storage rental you need for your items.


    Affordable Storage in Sioux City, IA has over 1500 units to choose from! You are sure to find the right unit that fits your needs and budget when you store with us. We have climate controlled and insulated units to protect your personal or business belongings in Sioux City. Contact us today to learn about our facility’s features and take advantage of our move-in special, 25% off your first three months’ rent!

  3. 5 Ways To Use Self Storage For Business

    April 17, 2017

    Business Storage | Sioux City, IA


    Most people are familiar with renting self storage as a home organization solution for storing personal items. However, a secure storage unit can save you time, money and have the added stress that comes with finding another business location and moving all of the company’s belongings to the new office.

    Self storage units are available in a variety of sizes and types to fit your business’ particular requirements. Short term and long term storage allow local companies to adjust the length of their storage rental as their business needs change. Businesses can use self storage to store inventory, equipment, company documents, company vehicles and home business items.

    1. Create an Extra Warehouse For Inventory

    Since self storage units come in a variety of sizes, some as large as 10’ X 30’, it’s very easy to turn a storage rental into an inventory warehouse. If your business sells delicate clothing, musical instruments, electronics, photography equipment, or other items that are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, a climate controlled self storage will protect your inventory from humidity and heat. Whether you need more room for a small supply of products or the largest unit available for your entire stock, local self storage is the affordable warehouse.

    2. Store Additional Equipment

    Depending on your industry, business equipment and technology can change rapidly. Having a go-to place to store excess computers, office furniture, manufacturing tools, business supplies and more will help to keep your office or retail store organized for customers and employees.

    3. Keep Company Files Secure

    It’s inevitable that as a business owner or manager you will accumulate many company documents, employee files and customer paperwork over the years. While having an electronic copy of paperwork is great for ease of access and convenience, it is always smart to have a physical copy of documents in case of technology issues. Files at your office can easily be misplaced when they are among other paperwork. Having multiple file cabinets can take up a large amount of space in your office. Companies may want to keep confidential tax documents at a separate location for security reasons. A secure file storage space is the answer to decluttering your business.

    4. Company Vehicles Are Safe Around the Clock

    While storing company vehicles in your business’ parking lot seems like a logical place to keep them, those valuable parking spaces could be used for customer parking. By storing your business automobiles at a self storage facility, they are protected 24 hours a day by an electronic gate with access code and recorded video surveillance.

    5. Home Business Storage

    When you’re a home business owner, it can be challenging to find additional space for your inventory and supplies in your house. Whether you provide professional services or have an online eCommerce store, self storage offers a convenient and affordable solution. Air conditioned storage is excellent for storing craft supplies, fabrics, shiping supplies and other items.

    Affordable Storage, in Sioux City, IA has secure standard and climate controlled storage units, security gate and surveillance cameras. Don’t miss our Move-In Special! Receive 25% off your first 3 months of rent!

  4. 5 Reasons To Use Storage During Spring Cleaning

    March 27, 2017

    Spring Cleaning Storage | Sioux City, IA


    It’s that time again! Spring Cleaning Time! Perhaps you have accumulated more belongings over the holidays, birthdays and past year. This is the season for donating unwanted goods to charity, organizing your home and putting items that you don’t have room for in storage. If you’re in the Sioux City, IA area, a short term storage solution from Affordable Self Storage is a great way to accomplish these common Spring Cleaning goals while protecting your belongings.

    1. Painting Your Home

    Painting the inside of your home can give the room a face lift and can make the space appear bigger. In order to paint a wall from top to bottom, furniture and other items will likely have to be moved out of the way. Leaving belongings in the room that will be painted can put those items at risk of being damaged. There may not be enough space in other rooms in the house to store furniture while a particular room is being painted. A secure self storage facility that is equipped an electronic gate with access code will keep your household items safe during the Spring Cleaning season.

    2. Storing Occasionally Used Items

    When most people think of Spring Cleaning they think of getting rid of unwanted or used belongings that they don’t need anymore. While this is an important part of the organization process, there may be several items that you do want to keep, but there isn’t any room for them. This is where convenient self storage comes in. A self storage location with extensive gate hours is the best way to have flexible access to your belongings just as you would at home.

    3. Remodeling Your Home

    Remodeling your home can cause quite the upheaval, but the results are almost always worth it. A new kitchen with extra storage space or adding another bedroom to your house can turn your current home into your dream home. During this process, entire rooms may be inaccessible for several days or weeks at a time. Putting your kitchen equipment or personal belongings into storage may be the only option during this transition.

    4. Deep Cleaning

    In order to perform an effective deep cleaning of your home, it’s best to remove all furniture and items that are against the wall and covering the baseboards. Dust has a habit of hanging out behind and under sofas and against the corners and ledges of baseboards. Moving furniture, such as couches, into storage can allow you to vacuum underneath and get those clumps of dust.

    5. Rearranging Furniture

    Moving your furniture around can make your bedroom or living room appear more spacious and brighter. Rearranging furniture can be a challenge because of tight hallways, sharp corners and limited room. Putting your dressers, bookshelves, tables and more into storage can give you the room to rotate your furniture around into different rooms. After organizing your home, you can choose whether to leave certain pieces of furniture in storage or place them back in your house.

    Spring Cleaning Storage

    For affordable and convenient storage rentals in Sioux City, IA, turn to Affordable Self Storage in Singing Hills, between Sam’s Club and Walmart. Short term storage, 24 hour access and secure electronic gate with access code are available. Visit us for 30% off the rent for the first three months!

  5. Top 4 Benefits of File Storage for Tax Season

    February 16, 2017

    File Storage for Tax Season Sioux City, IA


    April 15 is approaching quickly! Now is the perfect time to organize your business expense records, receipts, donation documents and more so that you don’t miss a dollar of potential tax savings. Secure file storage can save you time and headaches during tax season and beyond.

  6. Save Time and Stress with File Storage

  7. You don’t have to waste precious time looking for tax documents in various places around your home or office. Having a central location for all your important records will save you a lot of stress compared to scrambling to find old medical bills, college tuition statements and more. Separate your paperwork into folders by category, person, business, if you’re the owner of multiple companies, or type of expense. Clearly label each file folder with the month, year and category on the front. Color-coding the folders by category is a great way to visually scan and retrieve the correct file.You’ll be able to easily find any document with these organization tips and secure file storage.


    Increased Tax Savings

  9. Creating a well put together folder of documents will make it easier for your accountant to prepare your taxes. Making sure that the right records are included in the file can help you take advantage of the many deductions that are available for businesses and families. File storage helps you to have a designated place to store all of your forms and receipts as you collect them throughout the year. You could qualify for greater tax benefits just by having the proper documentation when tax time arrives.

  10. Security & Peace of Mind

  11. There’s nothing worse than misplacing imperative tax documents when you need them the most. It’s easy for documents to get mixed with other paperwork in the busy day-to-day life of the home or office. By placing confidential records into file storage, you are able to prevent these documents from getting lost or being misused. The best self storage facilities for record storage, such as Affordable Self Storage in Sioux City, IA, will allow you to have 24 hour access to your essential files and will properly protect them with an electronic gate with code and video surveillance.

  12.  More Room in Your Home or Office

  13. Storing several filing cabinets in your office at one time can make the room feel cramped. When paperwork is taking over or you feel the need to move into a larger office, consider a more affordable solution like record storage. Instead of getting a bigger facility for your business, renting file storage is more cost effective and saves you the hassle of searching for new office space. Residents and businesses have to make the most of the space they have, all while minimizing additional costs. Convenient record storage helps you to do just that.

    Whether you need secure file storage to prepare for a business-improving internal audit, to organize your documents, or to gain more space in your home or office, Affordable Storage in Sioux City, IA has convenient and flexible storage for businesses and residents. Affordable Storage offers unparalleled security with 24 hour storage access to their gated facility and recorded video surveillance. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, this reputable facility is a trustworthy home for your files.

    Contact Affordable Storage for vehicle storage, climate controlled storage units, seasonal & moving storage and safe file storage in Sioux City, IA. As a new tenant, you’ll receive 30% off your rent for the first 3 months!

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  • Use Winter Storage to Save Money When Moving During Cold Months

    January 6, 2017

                                                                            Winter Storage Sioux City, IA


    The most popular seasons for moving are the Spring and Summer. These times of the year have definite benefits and a few distinct cons. If you have children, moving in the summer allows the family to pack and move without interrupting school. The weather is also more accommodating to being outside and placing boxes or furniture into a moving truck. However, the summer months tend to have the most expensive moving and housing costs since many other people are moving at the same time. So what is a family on a budget left to do? Consider moving in the winter.


    Consider Moving in the Winter to Save Money

    Apartments tend to be more affordable in the winter, since fewer people are moving to a new home around that time. Storage space rental rates are more negotiable and moving truck costs may be priced more reasonably. Moving companies tend to have less business during the winter months. There is also less competition for apartments since fewer people are moving out of their current home. Scheduling your move during the middle of the month can further increase your savings. Most people move around the first of the month since many leases start at that time.


    Winter Storage in Sioux City, IA

    Moving in the winter definitely has its benefits! There is a strong cost savings involved. If you’re moving to the Sioux City area, Affordable Storage can help ease the stress of your move. Short term winter storage rentals are available for maximum flexibility and convenience. Ask us about our month to month rentals! Affordable Storage has a variety of self storage solutions to meet your needs. Our storage facility’s prime concern is that your belongings are safe. We also strive to make renting a self storage unit affordable and convenient. We offer 30% OFF the First 3 Months!


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  • New Affordable Self Storage Facility in Sioux City

    December 9, 2016

    New Affordable Storage Location


    There’s a new kid in town, but with a familiar face. Anyone who has had self storage needs in the Sioux City area knows that Affordable Self Storage is considered the top choice. The good news is that there is a new Affordable Self Storage facility located in Singing Hills between Sam’s Club and Walmart (at exit 143 directly behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken).

    The fact that an established company like Affordable Self Storage is offering a new facility to Sioux City is good news, but add in the benefits for those who are thinking about using self storage and you have an undeniable opportunity.

    New Affordable Storage Facility Benefits:

    (1) A Move-In Special in which Affordable SS is offering 30% off the first three months
    (This deal is actually available at all three locations, by the way)
    (2) A $15 refundable deposit
    (3) Key-coded gated entry. Only the people who should be inside the facility will be.
    24-hour gate access is available for customers.
    (4) Individual alarms. Another way that you and your items are safe and secure at Affordable SS.
    (5) Surveillance cameras. Yet another effort to be sure your self storage unit is well protected.

    Affordable Storage Unit Types

    The great thing about Affordable Self Storage is the wide variety of unit sizes, so you will no doubt find something that matches your needs. If you want a clean unit to move into, our new affordable storage units fit the bill. Should you have items that need to be protected from extreme cold and heat, there are also climate controlled units available. Our new affordable storage spaces are sure to help you achieve your personal or business storage goals.

    New Affordable Storage Location

    Affordable Self Storage of the Sioux City area is an award-winning self storage business that offers the finest, cleanest units as well as the best security available. There are three Affordable Self Storage locations in the area (4120 Southgate Drive in Sioux City, 201 8th Street in Sergeant Bluff and 204 South Lewis Blvd. in Sergeant Bluff).

    So come check out the newest of the Affordable Self Storage facilities and see for yourself how it can fit your storage needs.

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  • Holiday Storage Lightens the Load for Your “Ho, Ho” Home

    November 2, 2016

    Holiday Storage in Sioux City, IA


    Holiday Storage in Sioux City, IA

    It is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year. The Christmas season can bring joy, great music, wonderful food and…frustration. The frustration comes from having toys and presents to hide and nowhere to hide them. Guest rooms can often be packed with Christmas wrapping paper, presents to be wrapped and the destination for items arriving in the mail.

    Perhaps the time has come to think of giving yourself a present – the gift of a self storage unit in which to place all the presents, wrapping paper and mailed items. It can also be the place to do your present wrapping, away from the watchful eyes of little sleuths. The result is a clean house, guest rooms actually ready for guests, and a happy state of mind that fits in perfectly with the Holiday spirit.

    Affordable Storage Locations in Sioux City

    Affordable Self Storage of the Sioux City area is an award-winning self storage business that offers the finest, cleanest units, the best security and both climate control and regular storage spaces. There are three Affordable Self Storage locations in the area (4120 Southgate Drive in Sioux City, 201 8th Street in Sergeant Bluff and 204 South Lewis Blvd. in Sergeant Bluff).

    If you are already an Affordable Self Storage customer, then you know all of the above. However, the thought of using your unit for holiday storage may not have crossed your mind. Go for it! Whether you’re moving in the winter or organizing your home after the holidays, Affordable can help you store more items from your home to clear out that garage and other areas of your home once the holiday season is over.

    Affordable Storage Holiday Special Offers

    To add an extra boost to get you started at Affordable Self Storage during the holiday season, Affordable Self Storage is offering 30% off the first three months rent at all three locations. Affordable offers 1500 units of various sizes and only requires a $15 deposit. Affordable has been recognized with the Best of Self Storage Siouxland Award in both 2015 and 2016.

    So put the ho-ho back in your home by using Affordable Self Storage for holiday (and beyond) storage. Curious children will be kept at bay, old toys can move out to make room for the new, and your holiday spirit will soar.

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