1. Holiday Storage Lightens the Load for Your “Ho, Ho” Home

    November 2, 2016

    Holiday Storage in Sioux City, IA


    Holiday Storage in Sioux City, IA

    It is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year. The Christmas season can bring joy, great music, wonderful food and…frustration. The frustration comes from having toys and presents to hide and nowhere to hide them. Guest rooms can often be packed with Christmas wrapping paper, presents to be wrapped and the destination for items arriving in the mail.

    Perhaps the time has come to think of giving yourself a present – the gift of a self storage unit in which to place all the presents, wrapping paper and mailed items. It can also be the place to do your present wrapping, away from the watchful eyes of little sleuths. The result is a clean house, guest rooms actually ready for guests, and a happy state of mind that fits in perfectly with the Holiday spirit.

    Affordable Storage Locations in Sioux City

    Affordable Self Storage of the Sioux City area is an award-winning self storage business that offers the finest, cleanest units, the best security and both climate control and regular storage spaces. There are three Affordable Self Storage locations in the area (4120 Southgate Drive in Sioux City, 201 8th Street in Sergeant Bluff and 204 South Lewis Blvd. in Sergeant Bluff).

    If you are already an Affordable Self Storage customer, then you know all of the above. However, the thought of using your unit for holiday storage may not have crossed your mind. Go for it! Whether you’re moving in the winter or organizing your home after the holidays, Affordable can help you store more items from your home to clear out that garage and other areas of your home once the holiday season is over.

    Affordable Storage Holiday Special Offers

    To add an extra boost to get you started at Affordable Self Storage during the holiday season, Affordable Self Storage is offering 30% off the first three months rent at all three locations. Affordable offers 1500 units of various sizes and only requires a $15 deposit. Affordable has been recognized with the Best of Self Storage Siouxland Award in both 2015 and 2016.

    So put the ho-ho back in your home by using Affordable Self Storage for holiday (and beyond) storage. Curious children will be kept at bay, old toys can move out to make room for the new, and your holiday spirit will soar.

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