1. Use Winter Storage to Save Money When Moving During Cold Months

    January 6, 2017

                                                                            Winter Storage Sioux City, IA


    The most popular seasons for moving are the Spring and Summer. These times of the year have definite benefits and a few distinct cons. If you have children, moving in the summer allows the family to pack and move without interrupting school. The weather is also more accommodating to being outside and placing boxes or furniture into a moving truck. However, the summer months tend to have the most expensive moving and housing costs since many other people are moving at the same time. So what is a family on a budget left to do? Consider moving in the winter.


    Consider Moving in the Winter to Save Money

    Apartments tend to be more affordable in the winter, since fewer people are moving to a new home around that time. Storage space rental rates are more negotiable and moving truck costs may be priced more reasonably. Moving companies tend to have less business during the winter months. There is also less competition for apartments since fewer people are moving out of their current home. Scheduling your move during the middle of the month can further increase your savings. Most people move around the first of the month since many leases start at that time.


    Winter Storage in Sioux City, IA

    Moving in the winter definitely has its benefits! There is a strong cost savings involved. If you’re moving to the Sioux City area, Affordable Storage can help ease the stress of your move. Short term winter storage rentals are available for maximum flexibility and convenience. Ask us about our month to month rentals! Affordable Storage has a variety of self storage solutions to meet your needs. Our storage facility’s prime concern is that your belongings are safe. We also strive to make renting a self storage unit affordable and convenient. We offer 30% OFF the First 3 Months!


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