1. The 3 Most Important Reasons to Use Storage While Moving

    June 21, 2017

    Self Storage for Moving

    Summer is one of the busiest and most popular times of the year to move. Whether you’re moving to a new home or apartment within the Sioux City area, to a new city in the state of Iowa, or across the country, self storage can assist you with your move. Keep reading to find out the 3 most important reasons to use storage during your move.

    1. Ability to Paint Your New Home or Remodel

    Putting your furniture and belongings into storage is an excellent solution for homeowners that want to paint or remodel their new home prior to moving in. If you decided to paint or remodel your home later on, you would have to drastically rearrange your furniture and even have to move your items out of the house anyway. Performing all of your home renovations prior to officially moving in and unpacking is oftentimes the best solution, especially if multiple rooms in the house need remodeling or painting. Homeowners will be especially happy with the way their home looks and will have less stress if they follow this advice.

    2. Take Your Time To Move and Save Money

    Another huge benefit of using storage while moving is that you can take your time to move into your new home or apartment. Most people don’t want to pay rent or mortgage for the last month that they are living at their old home and the first month’s payment at their new place at the same time. Storage allows you to save money and not get stuck with paying for two rents or mortgages in the same month. With the average cost of a unit hovering around $100 a month or less, this is a much more affordable option that still gives you the flexibility to move into your new home when it’s best for you.

    3. Reduce Stress When Moving

    By utilizing a unit during your move, you have the ability to move into your new apartment or house as your schedule and time permits. Most folks are very busy with work, their children, and other responsibilities. Having to move from your previous home into your new home in a short period of time to avoid paying extra rent or mortgage payments on your old home can be very stressful, especially if you only have time to pack on the weekends. Moving is already stress-inducing enough without having to worry about additional deadlines. Convenient and flexible storage for moving is here to help.

    Affordable Storage in Sioux City, IA provides short term storage rentals for business and personal use. Whether you are moving your business or your family, let us help you! We have an extensive assortment of storage for moving, including climate controlled units. You’ll receive 30% off each month for your first three months when you rent with Affordable Storage!

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