1. Top 4 Benefits of File Storage for Tax Season

    February 16, 2017

    File Storage for Tax Season Sioux City, IA


    April 15 is approaching quickly! Now is the perfect time to organize your business expense records, receipts, donation documents and more so that you don’t miss a dollar of potential tax savings. Secure file storage can save you time and headaches during tax season and beyond.

  2. Save Time and Stress with File Storage

  3. You don’t have to waste precious time looking for tax documents in various places around your home or office. Having a central location for all your important records will save you a lot of stress compared to scrambling to find old medical bills, college tuition statements and more. Separate your paperwork into folders by category, person, business, if you’re the owner of multiple companies, or type of expense. Clearly label each file folder with the month, year and category on the front. Color-coding the folders by category is a great way to visually scan and retrieve the correct file.You’ll be able to easily find any document with these organization tips and secure file storage.


    Increased Tax Savings

  5. Creating a well put together folder of documents will make it easier for your accountant to prepare your taxes. Making sure that the right records are included in the file can help you take advantage of the many deductions that are available for businesses and families. File storage helps you to have a designated place to store all of your forms and receipts as you collect them throughout the year. You could qualify for greater tax benefits just by having the proper documentation when tax time arrives.

  6. Security & Peace of Mind

  7. There’s nothing worse than misplacing imperative tax documents when you need them the most. It’s easy for documents to get mixed with other paperwork in the busy day-to-day life of the home or office. By placing confidential records into file storage, you are able to prevent these documents from getting lost or being misused. The best self storage facilities for record storage, such as Affordable Self Storage in Sioux City, IA, will allow you to have 24 hour access to your essential files and will properly protect them with an electronic gate with code and video surveillance.

  8.  More Room in Your Home or Office

  9. Storing several filing cabinets in your office at one time can make the room feel cramped. When paperwork is taking over or you feel the need to move into a larger office, consider a more affordable solution like record storage. Instead of getting a bigger facility for your business, renting file storage is more cost effective and saves you the hassle of searching for new office space. Residents and businesses have to make the most of the space they have, all while minimizing additional costs. Convenient record storage helps you to do just that.

    Whether you need secure file storage to prepare for a business-improving internal audit, to organize your documents, or to gain more space in your home or office, Affordable Storage in Sioux City, IA has convenient and flexible storage for businesses and residents. Affordable Storage offers unparalleled security with 24 hour storage access to their gated facility and recorded video surveillance. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, this reputable facility is a trustworthy home for your files.

    Contact Affordable Storage for vehicle storage, climate controlled storage units, seasonal & moving storage and safe file storage in Sioux City, IA. As a new tenant, you’ll receive 30% off your rent for the first 3 months!

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