How a Climate Control System Protects Your Stuff

Climate Control

July 13th, 2021

You have heard the pitch: “Our weather control technology ensures your valuable possessions remain in mint condition.” What is this, some kind of marketing ploy for businesses that store the gold kept by people waiting for the looming apocalypse? No, it is a common feature state of the art storage facilities offer. The key for you is to wade through the claims of weather control to find the right business to protect your most valuable stuff. What You Should Consider for Weather Control Let’s face it: Standard locations for securing personal and business assets is enough for most customers looking to store inventory outside of a home or a commercial building. However, items such as antiques, fine art, electronic equipment, and musical instruments require spaces that offer a stable climate. The question is, what should climate control bring to the table for your most valuable possessions?Protection from Extreme Temperatures You do not have to live in the Sonora Desert in Arizona or in the Great Icebox called Duluth, Minnesota to appreciate the benefit of a temperature controlled environment for securing your stuff. In many regions of the United States, temperatures can reach 100 degrees during summer and drop well below freezing in winter. An advanced, state-of-the-art storage unit will remain between 55 and 65 degrees 24 hours per day, seven days a week to ensure even delicate chocolate remains intact for several weeks at a time.Dehumidify Your Stuff The best businesses for climate humidity systems use one of two primary types of dehumidifiers to prevent moisture from damaging items like wood furniture and metal commercial equipment. Desiccant dehumidifiers deploy a dry chemical substance to expunge moisture from the surrounding air. The chemical substance has no effect on climate vulnerable possessions. Also referred to as refrigeration systems, mechanical dehumidifiers use a strong refrigerant to keep moisture from invading your personal storage space. The Air Your Stuff Breathes What does air have to do with climate controlled spaces? Well, you do not need to contact Al Gore to discover the answer. Spaces free of dust and debris do a much better job of preserving expensive artwork and other valuable possessions. A first-rate space for storing your stuff will have a completely sealed interior that prevents dust and debris from collecting on the cherished family portrait, as well as the special coin collection that is worth thousands of dollars.Air, humidity, and temperature control is a feature that can increase the cost of a space for storing your things. However, the small additional cost is well worth the preservation of family heirlooms that not even a Geico appraiser can put a number on for settling an insurance claim.

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