Moving – Key Tips to Making Your House Move Easier


July 13th, 2021

If you have ever had to move before, you would agree that it can be quite stressful. There are many challenges we encounter when we try to manage the bulk of our property efficiently. Today, however, we will be learning a few tips that could reduce the rigorous procedure of a move to a smoother and more convenient one for your family.

Create an All-encompassing Checklist for Your Move

To have an easy move, make a checklist of things to do before and during the day of the move. A clearly laid out plan has a way of bringing order and organization to anything; it is sure to spare you the horror of forgetting anything and to save you time.

Vital activities to include in your checklist

Pre-move checklist

 Call your movers or book a truck if you choose to go the DIY route.  Box and label your property accordingly.  Create a master-list, an inventory of sorts for each box. This will help you know its contents without opening them.  Ensure fragile or breakable wares are labeled with a fluorescent tape or any other easily identifiable tape. This would keep them from being tossed around thoughtlessly.  Arrange for your electricity, gas, and internet in your new home.  Go update your address at your local post office.

Move-in Day checklist

 Ensure your movers have the right pick up and drop off address.  Keep lots of water handy – your energy levels must be kept up  Collate all old keys, both functional and spare ones.  Confirm that your gas and hot water is turned off, Lock all doors and windows.  Your day is likely going to be long, so ensure you pack a bag of spare clothes, bed sheets and yes, a first aid kit box too.

Managing your kids and your pets

As a family, moving can take its toll on your kids and your pet. For your kids, their age would determine how much they understand about what you’re doing, why you’re packing away all their toys and even their beds! Try to bring them in on what’s happening. Give them little tasks that they can handle, and reward them for a job well done. Your pets would have some adjusting to do too. Ensure you put all their favorite toys in place at your new home. Try as much as possible to not alter their diet or feeding times when you move, and make sure the doors are sealed at all times. These measures would help them feel at home sooner, and keep them from running away.

Oops! I think I may need storage!

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