What Items Require a Climate Controlled System?

Climate Control

July 13th, 2021

Climate change is one of those “hot button” issues that make our eyes roll. On one side we have the scientific community that refers to doubters as members of the Flat Earth Society. On the other side, we have skeptics that question that if we are indeed mired in a significant change in weather patterns, why does Al Gore continue to fly across the world in a jumbo jet and illuminate each of the 14 rooms inside his home. Like most political issues, somewhere in between climate change skeptics and Bill Nye the Science Guy is the truth. For storing some items away from home, there is only one inconvenient truth: you need the right temperature and humidity level to preserve some of your more cherished things.
Let’s see what items require a climate control system. Wooden Furniture Most types of wood can crack or warp when exposed to excessive moisture over prolonged periods. If left unprotected for more than a few months, wooden furniture begins to decay and eventually rot. If you need to secure wooden furniture such as a chair, table, nightstand, and/or entertainment center, a climate controlled facility should be at the top of your list. Property Manager Mary Kuhnle of Plano, Texas says “When you get climate control, you aren’t just getting a controlled climate; you’re also getting humidity control. The lower the humidity, the better.”

Wine: Temperatures that often change in a kitchen or basement can oxidize wine, which leaves a bitter, metallic-like flavor. Wine collectors invest plenty of money in preserving wine, which makes storing wine on another property an economical way to ensure long lasting quality. Although red and white wines should be stored in two different climates, you can find an acceptable middle ground by storing wine on a property that maintains an internal unit temperature between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit

Appliances:The extra washer and dryer does not fit downstairs in the basement or out in the unheated garage. A property dedicated to securing large appliances is your best bet for keeping your appliances in mint condition. Excessive moisture can cause rust to form on dishwashers and microwaves. Extreme heat can damage the mechanical parts that effortlessly wash your clothes and dry the dishes. A climate control system will prevent mold from growing within a household appliance. Make sure to clean and dry every appliance thoroughly before securing the appliances on a climate controlled property.It is crucial to know which items require specific storing temperatures. Be sure to take this information into account before booking a unit at our facility. We want your items staying in the best condition possible.

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