1. If Jurassic Park Characters Took on Self-Storage

    June 21, 2018

    This weekend, the second installment of Jurassic World hits theaters. Looking back on the Jurassic Park franchise there are so many great characters, each with their own set of strengths. Though it’s hard to pick a favorite, there will always have a special place in people’s hearts for the original film and its golden trio Dr. Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern), and Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum).

    We couldn’t help but wonder if put to the test, how each character would act while taking on all the facets of self-storage. Let us know if we got it right, got it wrong, or which character you identify with!

    Dr. Alan Grant

    • Specialization: Dinosaur fossilization
    • Memorable quote: “After careful consideration, I’ve decided NOT to endorse your park.”
    • Profile: As an “Alan” you are naturally more reserved. You think before you act which allows you to move with efficiency and order especially when under pressure. You’re probably the person whose boxes have been packed in advance and you’ve scheduled out the course of the moving day. However, if a challenge arises in the process, you keep calm and carry on. A natural-born leader, others look to you when it comes to developing a plan.

    Dr. Ellie Sattler

    • Specialization: Plant fossilization
    • Memorable quote: “We can discuss sexism in survival when I get back from saving you.”
    • Profile: If you’re an “Ellie” people can always count on you to show up and deliver on a promise. Unintimidating yet tenacious, you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty when it comes to moving. Whether you’re gathering supplies from the hardware store or volunteering to load boxes into a van, you’re the definition of a “hard worker.” You’ll most likely be the first to volunteer and the last to leave, always with a smile on your face. Your positive energy inspires others

    Dr. Ian Malcolm

    • Specialization: Mathematics and Chaos Theory
    • Memorable quote: “God help us, we’re in the hands of engineers”
    • Profile: You’re definitely the one providing the entertainment for the journey. Intelligent and witty, you keep the mood light yet the wheels in your brain are always turning. You might not be the most conventional person, and you probably prefer to DIY than follow any type of instructions. It’s important to note there’s a method to your madness and order will always be the end result. You’re a risk taker who does things according to their own time tables, which may occasionally worry the highly organized individual.

  2. Take Back Your Garage With These 4 Easy Questions

    May 9, 2018

    Garages tend to be a universal space to store all kinds of things. Big things, small things, odd shaped things, and everything in between. Garages can become a catch-all for memorabilia, recreational equipment, and general storage overflow. Not sure if your wife will let you bring that questionable contraption in the house? The garage will have to do.

    Over time these spaces tend to become cluttered, disorganized and sometimes become a point of contention between spouses, roommates and the like. Too much stuff piled up can turn into a mountain of stress. By asking yourself the following questions, you can determine whether to toss it, keep it, or store it in a space that’s secure, and maybe even climate controlled.

    De-clutter Your Garage
    When was the last time I used this?
    Our interests and priorities change as our personal and professional lives evolve. For example, that scuba gear you’ve held onto for 20 years and took with you when you moved to a landlocked state, toss it! It’s no longer in use but has become the butt of jokes with family and friends. If the last time you’ve used something was years ago and your reason for keeping it is that you may use it again given a hypothetical scenario, it may be time to part ways. If certain items are on the more expensive side, consider a secure unit for peace of mind.

    Do I have duplicates of this item?
    It can be easy to purchase multiples of the same thing over the years. Sometimes we decide to upgrade, sometimes we see a deal we can’t seem to pass up, and sometimes we simply forget we already have an item. If an item serves the same purpose, consider donating older items and keeping the one that you gravitate towards most.

    Is this item still in good condition?
    Over time stuff has the tendency to wear and age, especially when exposed to the heat and cold, bugs and critters, or dust and dirt . If something is broken, consider if it’s worth the time and/or money to fix it or if it’s worth buying a new one.

    Is this item best fit for the garage?
    Keep in mind that garages are more prone to the elements, as they do not have climate control. Those precious family albums, you’ll want to get those into a climate-controlled unit immediately and stop weather related wear.

    By considering your use of items and their intrinsic and physical value, you’ll soon be able to take back your garage.

  3. Memorable “FRIENDS” Moving Moments

    April 11, 2018

    In honor of National Best Friends’ Day, we thought we’d share our favorite moving moments from a little show you might have heard of…You know, the one that takes place in New York City and stars a group of six FRIENDS?

    Memorable Friends TV Show Moving Moments
    #5 “The One Where Mr. Heckles Dies” (2.03)
    Imagine if your crazy, eccentric neighbor left you all of their bizarre belongings? That’s what happens to Monica and Rachel when weird, downstairs neighbor Mr. Heckles dies and in spite, grants the girls all his material possessions. Because who doesn’t want to inherit someone’s book of grievances?

    Takeaway: Declutter regularly so you don’t become a hoarder. For things you only need at some points during the year, rent storage with us.

    #4 “The One With Ross’ Grant” (10.06)
    Phoebe gifts Monica a horrifying three-dimensional painting named Gladys, after Monica pretends to like it. When Monica tricks Joey into taking the painting for his and Rachel’s apartment, a battle ensues over who must take Gladys and who gets Glynnis, an even scarier 3D painting Phoebe has made.

    Takeaway: Be honest if you’re not going to use something.

    #3 “The One with the Embryos” (4.12)
    We see Monica’s competitiveness get the best of her when she loses Joey’s bet that he and Chandler know more about the girls than they do the guys. The result? She and Rachel are forced to trade apartments with Chandler and Joey. Even now, we still couldn’t tell you what Chandler’s job actually is…

    Takeaway: Consult your housemate or spouse before making a big decision regarding your living situation.

    #2 “The One Where Rosita Dies” (7.13)
    When Monica and Ross find out their parents are selling their home, they go to pick up their childhood belongings only to find that all of Monica’s boxes were flooded. Ross might be the clear favorite of his parents but before you feel too bad for Monica, just remember that she receives her dad’s Porsche as a guilt gift.

    Takeaway: Store your boxes somewhere safe from the elements.

    #1“The One with the Cop” (5.16)
    Was there any doubt this iconic moment in television would be number one? You’ll never hear the word “PIVOT” again without immediately picturing Ross, Rachel, and Chandler attempting to move a sofa up an elevator-less apartment building. Another reason why Ross is the worst and Chandler Bing is comedy-gold.

    Takeaway: Save bigger moving tasks for the professionals.

  4. 3 Must-Haves for the Best Boating Day Ever

    March 14, 2018

    Everyone knows that summer in Sioux City means sitting back, relaxing and boating on the Missouri River. It also means sipping on a cold bottle of beer while listening to your favorite country tunes, one of our favorites being “Pontoon” by Little Big Town.

    Not only does the song make you wish you were setting sail on the open water, but also provides great instructions on how to have the best boating day ever.
    Boating In The Missouri River

    Feel free to sing along as we share three, Little-Big-Town-approved ways to “beat the heat” this summer:

    “Reach your hand down into the cooler…”

    Bringing a packed-to-the-max cooler might be the single most important thing to remember for your day on the river (besides life-jackets and sunscreen, of course). We recommend freezing half your water bottles the night before so they can as both an ice pack for other cooler items and as a beverage for later. Boating at night? Throw some glow sticks in the bottom!

    “Just don’t rock the boat while I BBQ…”

    A day at the river isn’t complete without munching on some delicious grub. The most convenient option for lunch is to pack a variety of sub sandwiches, containers of fruit, and bags of chips. If you have a portable grill and really want to go all out, serve up some burgers or BBQ with all the fixings.

    “Floatin’ is all I wanna do…”

    While water skiing can be fun, a day on the river is best spent relaxing and floating alongside your friends in a tube or noodle. It’s always a good idea to bring bright colored inner tubes so they’re easy to spot in the water. Don’t forget to wear your lifejacket at all times too!

    After you’re done having fun in the sun, drop your boat back off at Sioux City Storage. We’ll keep it safe until your next adventure.

  5. How To Use The 3D Storage Calculator

    February 7, 2018

    3D Storage Calculator Sioux City, IA

    Whether you’re a veteran self-storage tenant or you want to rent a unit for the first time, using the 3D storage calculator on our website can greatly help! If you’ve rented a unit before and your storage needs have changed, you may be wondering what size will fit your belongings and your budget. If you have more to store than you did before, you will likely need a larger storage space than your current unit. If have fewer belongings to store than you did in the past, a smaller unit with less square feet than what your current storage rental offers may be just right for you.

    Saving Money With the Help of the 3D Storage Calculator

    Choosing the right unit size can help you get the most back for your buck. If you get a larger unit than what you need, you may be paying for extra square feet that you aren’t using. However, if you underestimate the unit size you’ll need, you might get stuck with a storage space that can’t store all of your belongings. The 3D storage calculator gives you an appropriate estimate of the unit size you’ll need for your items in square feet.

    How to Use the 3D Storage Calculator

    The 3D storage calculator offers a few ways to determine the best storage space for you. One way is that you can select the number of bedrooms that are in your current home, from 1-4 bedrooms.
    The second way involves selecting the items you want to store in your unit from a long list of household items and furniture that are commonly kept in a storage space. A visual 3D diagram of your recommended unit size with your chosen belongings in the unit will be shown.

    3D Storage Diagram

    The recommended unit size, such as a 10 feet by 10 feet unit, will be displayed to let you know what storage space you should choose based on your needs. For example, you could select 1 queen size bed, 4 coffee tables, 2 nightstands, and 3 dressers in the storage calculator, you’ll see those items inside the 3D storage diagram.
    The 3D storage diagram can even give you some ideas for how to place your items in storage so you can maximize the space you have, such as placing a mattress on its side instead of flat on the ground. Try stacking chairs and small coffee tables if possible to save space.

    Renting with Affordable Storage

    Whether you’re in Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, or the surrounding area, Affordable Storage is your local storage solution. With three convenient locations, we are sure to have a facility that is close to your home or office. We also allow for online rentals on a smartphone, tablet, or computer from our website 24 hours a day. When you store with us, you’ll receive friendly service, high-quality storage spaces, and secure units at a great price.

  6. Prepare Your Watercraft with these Winter Boat Storage Tips

    January 4, 2018

    Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

    With snow totaling up all over the country and people opting to spend chilly weekends inside, winter isn’t coming- it’s officially here! For many parts of the country, this season means snow, and a lot of it. Assuming that your favorite lake will be frozen for the next few months and you probably won’t be using your boat, it may be time to put it in self storage for the winter. Following just a few winter storage tips can help your boat function like new by the time you get it back on the water in the spring.

    If you haven’t already prepared your boat for wintertime, we can help you get started with some tips.

    1. Use a Cover for While Storing For The Winter

    A boat cover will prevent water, leaves, bugs, and other undesirables from entering your boat while it is in storage. If the self storage facility that you plan to use has uncovered parking spaces for vehicle storage, a durable cover is particularly important to avoid exposing your boat to the elements. Snow can easily cover your boat’s seating, steering wheel, control panel, and more without proper protection. Then, when the seasons change once again, the snow will melt into water. The last thing that you want to happen is to have your boat full of water, which can lead to rust and other potentially expensive damage. After all, water should be outside the boat, not in it!

    2. Fill Up Your Fluids

    Winter offers plenty of opportunity for moisture and water to seep into various tanks in your boat. Topping off all your boat’s fluids, such as oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and more, can prevent condensation from forming in the tanks. Adding a fuel stabilizer is also a smart choice for extra protection. Water can be damaging to your boat’s components and difficult to remove once it’s already mixed with the fluids. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, and with winter storage it’s no different.

    3. Disconnect Your Battery

    Disconnecting your battery is a simple storage tip that can help it last longer and save you money, by preventing you from having to buy a replacement. Simply, freezing temperatures can shorten your battery’s lifespan. Removing your boat’s battery completely and storing it in a warmer location is also an option for more safety. Follow these tips to preserve your battery’s charge for a longer time frame.

    4. Store Your Boat in a Safe Location

    No matter how long you need storage for your boat, you’ll want to make sure that the facility you choose has the best security features to safeguard your watercraft. A facility with an electronic gate and access code will decrease the risk that your boat will be stolen or tampered with. Security cameras can give you extra peace of mind that your seafaring vessel is being looked after. It may also be a good idea to check on your boat once a month while it is in storage, if possible. This can help you find any maintenance issues that need to be addressed before the next watercraft season.

    Winter Storage For Your Boat – Sioux City, IA

    Affordable Storage has secure winter storage for your boat and storage spaces for all your other household and business vehicles. Whether you need storage for the winter season or all year round, we have month to month rentals for your flexibility. Contact us today to rent your vehicle parking space!

  7. Why You Should Get Organized with Self Storage in 2018

    December 20, 2017

    Get Organized with Storage

    Most people would prefer to come home to a clean and organized after a long day of work. Living in a home that is disorganized and cluttered can actually make you more stressed and unable to relax from the day’s challenges. If this sounds like you, it’s time to get organized with storage.

    Reduce Stress

    A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, on behalf of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, states that cluttered homes can increase the stress hormone, cortisol, in its residents. By reducing the clutter in your home, you can lower your stress levels, which can lead to better, more rejuvenating sleep and greater mental positivity.

    Lose Weight and Achieve Your Goals

    As you may know, stress can greatly affect many areas of one’s mental and physical health. If your new year’s resolution for 2018 is to get in shape or reduce stress, having an organized home can help you do just that.

    A study in the Journal of Psychological Science suggests that having an orderly setting, such as an organized home, can encourage positive behaviors in the people that live in that house. It goes to show that a tidy home can affect other areas of life and help you to achieve your goals, such as getting in shape. Plus, if you know where your gym clothes or exercise equipment are in your house you can’t make excuses for why you can’t exercise!

    Decrease Tension at Home

    Did you know that clutter can increase conflict and tension in the home, which may lead to strained relationships with family members and your significant other? Oftentimes, it is difficult to find what you are looking for when having to deal with a disorganized living space, which can cause more arguments. An easy way to decrease the tension at home is to declutter and get organized with self-storage.

    Using a storage facility to hold some of your belongings is very secure. An electronic gate with access code ensures that your items are safe. You have gate access to your unit 24 hours a day at Affordable Storage’s Sioux City and North Sergeant Bluff locations, and extensive gate hours at the South Sergeant Bluff facility. We understand that many families need flexibility when renting a storage space. Affordable Storage offers short term rentals to fit your changing needs.

    Increase Productivity

    Want to get more tasks done at home? Then you need to declutter and get organized with storage! By storing more of your household items in your secure unit at one of the three Affordable Storage facilities, it will be much easier to find items in your home, which will save you time. When you have more time, you can complete more tasks on your to-do list.

    Get Organized with Storage Today

    Ready to make 2018 a clutter-free year? Affordable Storage is here to help! Our facility has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know your belongings are in good hands. Stop by our facility office at 204 South Lewis Blvd Sergeant Bluff IA, 51054 or visit our website to rent a unit online!

  8. 5 Things to Look for in a Storage Space

    November 3, 2017

    storage space

    Whether you are downsizing, waiting to upgrade, moving out or moving on, there are many reasons for a storage space. The storage business is a huge industry and many people gain great benefits from it. Whether you are looking for storage for the first time or you’ve used storage solutions before, there are things to consider and things you need to know to make the best decision for you and your storage needs no matter how long you need it for.

    1. Consider what you are storing

    Are you looking for storage for a boat, jet skis or a car? Are you storing furniture, seasonal clothing, or items from an estate? Even consider if you are storing residential or commercially. Not just people who are moving use storage solutions. Offices and commercial services also use storage, so make sure that the unit you choose can fit your needs. Affordable Self Storage offers both residential and commercial storage services.

    2. Consider the space that you need

    You obviously don’t want to book too much space, but you also don’t want to book too little space. By booking the smallest space, you may figure that you will be saving money, but that may also mean that you have to stack your items on top of one another, which could lead to scratches and damages to valuables that you don’t want to damage. Use the Storage Calculator on our website to find out how much space you need.

    3. Consider the amount of service you need and the hours

    Some storage businesses have gate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and others do not. Most of our locations offer 24/7 gate access from Sunday to Monday, which means your unit will be accessible to you whenever you need it!

    4. Consider the security features that the storage business offers

    We are fully equipped with video cameras and safety elements, so that your valuables will be guarded, watched, and treasured. Also consider if the is well-lit facility; this is especially important after dark. After all, you’ll want to be able to easily navigate your way through the facility and see the items in your unit.

    5. Check your terms and offers

    We offer a move-in special, so check out one of our 3 locations to see the specific offer. When considering the terms, evaluate the terms of the contract and see if it fits either your long-term or short-term needs. Storage spaces are available for as long as you need them, so make sure it fits your needs. Be sure to check out the facility’s billing options. For example, We offer Auto-Pay, which means you never have to worry about missing a payment.

    Our friendly and helpful staff can answer any storage question that you may have. We can help you choose the best storage option for your needs. Call us today to learn more about Affordable Self Storage!

  9. Take Back Your Basement: How to Use Storage to Declutter and Organize

    October 16, 2017

    Household Basement Storage - Sioux City, IA

    Fall is a popular season to declutter your home in order to prepare for the holidays. One area to begin organizing is the basement. It is easy to get in the habit of storing random items in your basement and forgetting to organize them. Now is the time to take back your basement!

    Ways to Use Your Basement

    There are several ways you can use your basement once it is decluttered. Some folks want to use their basement as a spare bedroom, others want to use it as a home movie theater, and then there are those that want it to be a man cave or game room.

    If you’re planning on creating a hobby room in your basement, make sure to include enough shelving and workspaces so you can work on your next craft project. Utilize the wall to hang shelves, inspiration boards, whiteboards, and hooks to hold supplies.

    If you want to turn your basement into a guest bedroom, be sure to remove personal items, household objects, and seasonal decorations from the area to create a calm and serene space for visiting family or friends.

    Having a game room or home theater in your basement requires a lot of open space for furniture, large tv’s or projector screens, and game tables. Decluttering your space can make a huge difference. Just think of the all the living space you could regain just by organizing one of the largest rooms in your home! The possibilities are endless.

    Depending on the size of your basement and how many items are currently in your space, a lot of decluttering may be ahead of you. Not to worry, though. Convenient and secure storage at Affordable Storage is here to help!

    How to Use Storage to Declutter Your Basement

    Storage rooms can store your household items, extra furniture, additional tv’s, home decorations, seasonal clothing, luggage, sports gear, and other objects.

    1. Store electronics and furniture in a climate controlled unit to prevent moisture damage and to guard from extreme temperatures.

    2. If you’re on a budget, use non-climate controlled storage to store household items that aren’t susceptible to humidity damage.

    3. Use large plastic storage containers or durable boxes to store clothing, household items, and other small belongings

    4. Store clothing and additional objects inside luggage that you plan to store in your unit.

    5. Use our storage calculator to find what unit size you need based on the items you plan to store.

    Sioux City’s premier self storage facility, Affordable Storage has a wide range of unit sizes. No matter how much or how little you have to store, we have an affordable solution for you. Online bill pay and Auto-Pay are available to help you never miss a payment and keep track of your storage rental. Our facility is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Visit our facility or use our website to rent a secure unit online!

  10. How To Store Outdoor Gear In Storage

    September 20, 2017

    Outdoor Equipment Storage - Sioux City, IA

    A few easy ways to store your outdoor gear in a self storage unit include placing shelves in your unit, using storage bins, make use of vertical space, and place frequently used items toward the front of your storage space. If you’re an outdoorsman (or woman) you probably already have some of your outdoor equipment in your unit. You may want to store more gear in your unit, but you need some tips for how to store your items to maximize your space. Not to worry; this blog post has you covered.

    Place Shelves In Your Unit

    One of the easiest ways to organize your outdoor belongings is to place shelves inside of your unit. Place two sets of shelves next to each other to create extra long shelves. Lay long outdoor gear, such as skis, ski poles, paddles and kayaks on the shelves, if possible.

    Designate a particular shelf or shelves for ski equipment, snowboards, skateboards, folding chairs, sports accessories, etc. Be sure to use masking tape and a marker to label the shelves. Store lightweight items on the top shelf, like sleeping bags, and heavier belongings toward the bottom. Keep shoes and boots on the bottom shelf so dirt and mud doesn’t fall onto other items.

    Use Large Storage Bins for Outdoor Gear

    Plastic storage containers are excellent for storing sleeping bags, outdoor clothing, helmets, hats, water bottles, and more. Clearly label the front of these containers so that you know what items are inside them. Keep similar items in the same container. This will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for in the future. Backpacks can also be used to store small items.

    Lean Large Items Against the Wall

    Certain items, such as bicycles or canoes, are too big to fit on a shelf. Carefully lean these items against the wall so that they aren’t in the way of other belongings. If possible, lean the canoe against a set of shelves in a vertical fashion to save space. You can also create a vertical storage space for the canoe in between two tall shelves.

    Put Frequently Used Items Near the Front

    Prepack your backpack with your most frequently used and essential items so that you can grab and go the next time you are ready to experience the great outdoors. If you hike often, keep your backpack, hiking boots, hat and water bottle near the entrance of your unit.

    Clean and Dry Your Items After Use

    Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry your outdoor equipment before putting the items back in your unit. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming. Remove any rainwater and dirt from your outdoor gear prior to placing them in the unit.

    Affordable Storage has 3 locations in Sioux City, IA and Sergeant Bluff, IA. Vehicle storage for your favorite outdoor automobile is available. Our climate controlled and standard storage units are secure and convenient for businesses and residents in Siouxland. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and received the Best of Self Storage Siouxland two years in a row! Visit our website or stop by our office to rent a unit.